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Gillies (Highland Shoes) $52.50 - $115.00

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We carry Angelo Luzio gillies. Angelo Luzio gillies are full leather with full sole bottoms. Discounts are available for orders of 10 pairs or more. We also carry black shoelaces $4.00(to replace lost laces or to have an extra pair…just in case).

Product Care 

To maximize the life of your gillies avoid dancing on carpet, outdoors, and on concrete.  Dancing on  these surfaces will quickly cause your shoes to wear out. Many dancers like to remove the insoles of their gillies - Please BE AWARE that this will can cause your shoes to fall apart at the sole.  THIS PRACTICE IS NOT ADVISED!

Sizing Notice   

Marg’s Highland Dance Wear Inc. is not responsible for improperly ordered costumes, shoes or fabric. If you are unfortunate enough to order a costume, shoe or fabric in the wrong size or colour it is your responsibility to send the unused product back to Marg’s Highland Dance Wear Inc. on a prepaid shipping basis (where you cover the shipping cost). Please be careful when ordering and measuring to ensure that you get what you want in your shipment. Don’t hesitate to phone Marg at 403-256-1775 if you have any questions about measuring and sizes, it may save you time and money. Marg's Highland Dance Wear Inc. is not responsible or liable for the improper  use, storage, washing, care, or maintenance of its products. 

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