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Aboyne Outfits  (Skirt & Shawl) 13% to 22% OFF    

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Fabric & Size

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Wool Blend Child 20 length



Wool Blend Adult



100% Wool Child 20 length



100% Wool Adult



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Made from 100% washable acrylic dress plaid, 100% Wool, or Wool/Cotton Blends - VEST not included.  Skirt is made from 4 to 5 meters of plaid with a 1 meter square shawl.  Skirt is made with a Velcro waistband with a 3-inch overlap and a 4-inch hem to allow for growth. 

Product Care 

100% Acrylic Aboyne Outfits should be washed in warm water, hang drying is preferred, and should be pressed with a WARM iron. 100% Wool or Wool/Cotton Blends MUST BE DRY CLEANED.

Sizing Notice  

To measure a dancer for a skirt you must get accurate measurements in inches, of their waist and length from the waist to the top of their knee. Aboyne skirts will have an extra 3-inch overlap at the waist and 4-inch hem added to allow for growth.

Marg’s Highland Dance Wear Inc. is not responsible for improperly ordered costumes, shoes or fabric. If you are unfortunate enough to order a costume, shoe or fabric in the wrong size or colour it is your responsibility to send the unused product back to Marg’s Highland Dance Wear Inc. on a prepaid shipping basis (where you cover the shipping cost). Please be careful when ordering and measuring to ensure that you get what you want in your shipment. Don’t hesitate to phone Marg at 403-256-1779 if you have any questions about measuring and sizes, it may save you time and money. Marg's Highland Dance Wear Inc. is not responsible or liable for the improper  use, storage, washing, care, or maintenance of its products. 


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